Birthday Parties

Birthday’s Reservation Request

Thank you for choosing McDonald’s to hold your kid’s birthday party! Please fill in the below form, and one of our representatives will contact you.

book childs birthday

Father’s/Mother’s name: *

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Birthday kid’s name *

Date of Birth *

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The main program:
• A show featuring one of McDonald’s characters: Hamburglar or Birdie
• Gifts for invited kids (for 15 kids only)
• A present for the birthday kid
• Reserved place for two whole hours
• Fun games and competitions
• Decorations and music/songs
• Invitations and hats (for 15 kids only)
• Plates, forks and napkins (for 15 kids only)

Extra balloons for decorations (LE100)
Extra facial paint (LE8.81 per kid)
Hosting another kid (LE25 excluding their Happy Meal)
Piñatas (inclusive of sweets for LE25)

• Please consider that a deposit should be paid at the branch you choose.
• You should reserve your place 48 hours before the party. Cancelation takes place through the very same person who did the reservation, considered 48 hours before the party.
• All prices are not inclusive of taxes.