Quality & Sustainability

Good Food

Great Taste

  • Unique Classics: Big Mac, Fries, Egg McMuffin

  • Bold Flavors: Big Tasty, Grand Chicken Range, McRoyale

  • Local Favorites: McFalafel, Kofta Burger

Real Ingredients 

  • 100% pure beef patties free of any additives, only a pinch of salt and pepper is added

  • 100% chicken using chicken breasts and thighs

  • 100% fresh potatoes fried in 100% pure palm oil

Innovative Choices

  • Innovative Beverages and Delicious Desserts: McFizz,Twist Cone, Frozen Coca-Cola

  • Premium Sandwiches: Big Tasty, Grand Chicken Range

  • Good Value for Money: Share Box, Grand Share Box, Mix 2 Meal

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Proud Of Our Food

We do not just say we offer Good Food, we let you revel in it.

Our Open Door program offers our customers the opportunity to personally witness the quality of our products, and experience the extreme safety measures that our entire staff has to adhere to, be it in our kitchens or stage spaces.

Our Your Right To Know program gives you the chance to directly ask about anything you want to know concerning our products, services and quality and we promise to provide credible answers to each question. Just visit our website:

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