About McDonald’s Egypt


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How do I get a job at McDonald’s?

Find out more about being McDonald’s employee and apply online in our careers section.

How do I book a birthday party at McDonald's?

Birthday parties can now be managed and booked online at http://mcdonalds.eg/Birthdays

How do I become a supplier?

Thanks for your interest in becoming one of our suppliers. However, we already have approved suppliers and contractors and are not accepting any new suppliers.

I’ve got a suggestion for a new product.

Every year, we get plenty of new product suggestions. To prevent any possible misunderstandings or infringements, we’ve had to adopt a strict policy of not accepting ideas from outside our McDonald’s system. While we may be missing out on some great ideas, we’ve had to take this position.

Is there a chance for supporting charities, sports events or parties?

Please send in your request on URL and if there is a chance for cooperating, we will contact you within 48 working hours.

How do I get the right to open a McDonald’s branch? 

The exclusive rights for acquiring McDonald’s in Egypt are owned by Manfoods only. Accordingly, no other party can open additional restaurants.

What is the reason for rising the prices? 

We are proud of serving the best food and meals across the field of quick service restaurants, not only in terms of the food’s quality and special taste, but also when it comes to the value. It is crucial to consider that the meals’ prices are related to a number of factors, like the inflation that affects the prices of the ingredients, rising costs of supplying, importing and distributing, in addition to the costs of preparation in the restaurants.

How can I apply for the contest of ‘Share with us the taste of your music’? 

Please send your song or musical piece at radio@mcdegypt.com

How can I contribute to your charity work?

You can contribute through our donation boxes in all of our branches or when you buy any Happy Meal, where a part of the Happy Meal’s sales goes to developing the educational process in the areas that need it the most.

What is the reason for not having The Open Door Tour in all branches?

McDonald’s has always been a pioneer when it comes to transparent communication with customers. We are the first who opened the kitchens’ doors to customers to closely check the food safety procedures we follow. Branches and timings have been picked so that our customers could have their tour and make the most out of it, away from peak times and crowded restaurants, because it is hard to make the tour while preparing the meals. Timings are pre-planned to make sure the manager, responsible for the tour, is available.

To reserve The Open Door Tour, please fill in your contact information here.

What is the type of meat used in your meals?

We use 100% pure Halal meat in preparing McDonald’s tasty meals. We use pieces of muscle meat from the rear quarter, the front quarter and part of the cattle’s thigh ONLY. We get the meat pieces from authorized suppliers, who follow McDonald’s strict quality and food safety standards and the Halal practices.

For more info. on our products, please visit. KnowOurFood.Mcdonalds.eg

Is it true that McDonald’s meals never go bad?
Truth is, McDonald’s food is just like home-made meals. It gets mold and decays if the conditions allow for the growth of fungi that causes the mold. Fungi causing the mold needs a number of factors, foremost, humidity, heat, organic substances and time. In case one or more of those factors is/are not available, fungi will not grow, so food will not go bad. At McDonald’s, we cook the cow’s meat on a special two-sided grill that cooks the meat on both sides, so the meat loses most of its water (or humidity), especially the relatively smaller pieces, like those used in Cheese Burger. As for the bread, at McDonald’s, we partially toast it before preparing the meal, which makes it lose its humidity. When McDonald’s burger is kept in a normal environment, it loses whichever humidity is kept, so it dries instead of going moldy with time. Going back to the true scientific fact, we find out that the absence of humidity makes the fungi, causing the decay, lose one of its fundamental factors that make it grow. Accordingly, it is difficult for it to grow, and food does not go bad. For a McDonald’s burger to go bad, you need to make sure it does not lose its humidity through rolling it in transparent nylon for example or keeping it in an environment with high-percentage humidity. If we wanted to make a fair competition with another burger, we would make sure the content of humidity is similar for both burgers... which makes it worth mentioning that the percentage of humidity, in one piece of meat, differs according to the size and thickness of the piece of burger used in the test.

For more info on our products, please visit. KnowOurFood.Mcdonalds.eg