About McDonald’s Egypt

McDonald’s Egypt Story

Where we’ve come from.

McDonald’s was founded more than 60 years ago. And in 1994, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Egypt. Today, over 80,000 customers are served under the Golden Arches at more than 100 stores throughout the country.

How we work

McDonald’s Manfoods Egypt is a 100% Egyptian company with a 100% Egyptian workforce, and is owned by Yassin Mansour.

McDonald’s employs more than 5,000 individuals and indirectly supports and provides employment opportunities for over 11,000 families.

Over 90% of McDonald’s products come directly from Egyptian suppliers that are required to adhere to strict quality and food safety standards. Its commitment to food safety encompasses the entire supply chain - from raw materials to customer care.

McDonald’s offers numerous training programs for employees to provide the highest performance levels and customer service, while providing a supportive work environment characterized by openness and cooperation. McDonald’s offers its employees a differentiated employment experience and provides training and development opportunities as well as an open and respectful work environment that supports career growth and develops leaders. McDonald’s also believes in the importance of engaging employees at every level in the organization and takes pride in developing initiatives that support and encourage employees in every way possible to achieve their full potential whether work related or other.

Since its opening, McDonald’s Egypt has been dedicated to supporting the community on two levels – nationally through charity causes and development projects; and on the restaurant level through local initiatives. McDonald’s adopted Ezbet KhairAllah Project since 2009 which focuses on the wellbeing and development of underprivileged children in unplanned communities in cooperation with NGO “Peace & Plenty”. Starting with Ezbet KhairAllah and Batn El Bakara, McDonald’s successfully renovated 22 nurseries and 8 primary schools. McDonald’s Egypt vision with this project is to provide children in unplanned communities the necessary education that enables them to be part of the productive Egyptian workforce.

McDonald’s Egypt has also embarked on a joint educational venture with the Faculty of Hotels and Tourism, Helwan University to offer employment opportunities and internships to students, in addition to enrolling non-university graduate McDonald’s employees in the Hotels andTourism Open University program to provide them the opportunity of a university education as well as the necessary knowledge and skills to help them progress into management careers faster.

Children love McDonald’s, so to help parents feel better about feeding their kids the food they love, McDonald’s has been enhancing its menus through its “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices” initiative.

With more than one million of you coming through our restaurants every day, it’s our priority to maintain your trust and integrity. To do this we make sure our customers and employees receive the respect they deserve. Through honesty, hard work and outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value (QSC&V) we make sure that our restaurants are up to the standard you deserve.

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Our vision & values

Our corporate values appear in everyday working life and guide our strategic direction and corporate planning. 

  • We place the customer experience at the core of all we do
  • We are committed to our people
  • We believe in the McDonald’s System
  • We operate our business ethically
  • We give back to our communities
  • We grow our business profitably
  • We strive continually to improve
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In 1954 in the USA there was a milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc. Ray received an order from the McDonald brothers' hamburger outlet in California, and was impressed by their company - the menu was simple and cheap but the hamburgers were good; the fries were made in-store; and the shakes were thicker than usual.

Ray made them an offer. "Let me open new McDonald’s stores and I'll give you half of one per cent of the gross sales for the use of the name and the idea."

The McDonald's brothers accepted and Ray opened his first store in Des Plaines, Illinois. He began to build the business by granting franchises to local entrepreneurs. By 1960, he'd opened 200 restaurants throughout the USA. In 1961 he bought the McDonald brothers' share of the business for $3 million and in 1965 the company became the McDonald's Corporation.

Today, we've got more than 34,000 restaurants in over 118 countries. Every day, we're serving meals to more than 50 million people worldwide.

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1955. Ray Kroc opens the first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois.

1957. 'Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value' (QSC&V) becomes the Company motto.

1959. A new McDonald's opens at a rate of one every five and a half days.

1962. The Golden Arches™ become the company logo.

1966. Ronald McDonald makes his first national television appearance. McDonald's stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

1968. The 1,000th restaurant opens in Des Plaines, Illinois. The Big Mac is added to the menu.

1972. The 2,000th restaurant opens in Des Plaines, Illinois. The Quarter Pounder is introduced.

1974. The first Ronald McDonald House opens in Philadelphia, USA.

1975. McDonald’s celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Drive-Thru concept is unveiled in Oklahoma.

1984. Ray Kroc, McDonald's Founder and Senior Chairman, dies and Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities (RMCC) is established in his memory.

1986. McDonald's opens its first restaurant near the North Pole, with the address McDonald's, Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, Alaska.

1990. The world's largest McDonald's with 900 seats opens in Pushkin Square, Moscow. A McDonald's restaurant opens somewhere in the world every 14.5 hours.

1993. McDonald's becomes the second most recognized brand in the world.

1994. McDonald's Egypt opens its first two restaurants in Egypt, in Merghany and Mohandessin.

1995. McDonald’s Egypt introduces McDelivery concept. McDonald’s Egypt starts Drive-Thru service. McDonald's Egypt opens its first restaurant in Alexandria.

1998. McDonald's Egypt opens its first restaurants in Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

1999. McDonald's opens its 25,000th restaurant in Chicago, USA.

2001. McDonald’s Egypt’s first donation to 57357 Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals specialized in children's cancer in the world. The McFamily rallies to support those affected by the 11th September events through donations of food, services and money. RMHC is named one of the top 100 charities by Worth Magazine.

2004. McDonald’s Egypt launches Menu El Khamsa. The Happy Meal celebrates 25 years (1979 - 2004). Nutrition labelling is introduced to packaging on McDonald’s core menu items - a Quick Service Restaurant Industry First.

2005. McDonald's celebrates its 50th Anniversary on 15 April.

2006. McDonald's Egypt launches Big Tasty®. McDonald’s Egypt opens its first restaurant in Marsa Matrouh.

2007. McDonald's Egypt launches Open Door program.

2008. McDonald's Egypt launches Breakfast Menu. McDonald's Egypt opens its first restaurant in Aswan.

2009. McDonald's Egypt adopts Ezbet Khairallah Project.

2010. McDonald's opens its first Eco-Friendly restaurant in Egypt.

2011. McDonald’s now operates in 119 countries having opened stores in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Trinidad & Tobago.

2014. McDonald's celebrates its 20th anniversary in Egypt. McDonald's Egypt opens its first restaurants in Assuit, Port Said and Mansoura.

2015. McDonald’s Egypt launches McDelivery online ordering platforms. McDonald’s Egypt launches McFalafel and McFizz. McDonald’s Egypt opens its first restaurants in Tanta and Zagazig.

2016. McDonald’s Egypt opens its first restaurant in Menia.

2017. McDonald’s Egypt opens its 100th restaurant in Egypt, in Ain Sokhna. McDonald’s Egypt opens its first restaurants in Damietta and Shibin El Kom.

2018. McDonald’s Egypt opens its first restaurant in Ismailia, Banha, Damanhour & Mansoura. McDonald’s launches its Global App in Egypt.

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